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FREE SHIPPING ITEMS – all items shipped for free come directly from my studio in Fort Myers, Florida. I ship orders out on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays. All FREE Shipping items will be shipped via USPS.

All clothing items are Printed, Cut & Sewn, and Shipped from the factory and distribution center I use in North Carolina. If you have any problems with these orders, please contact me first and I will supply you with instructions, an authorization code, and a return shipping label.

DO NOT RETURN ITEMS WITHOUT PRIOR AUTHORIZATION – I will not be held responsible for any returns made without a prior authorization notice, either to my studio or the dropship service.

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A-D | Stone Metaphysical Properties
amazonite – 
dispels worries & anger, calms mind, manifests energy of universal love

amber –
aids depression, mental clarity, calming, balances, dissolves energy blocks

amethyst –
very spiritual and powerful stone, helps addictions, depression, calms impatience, clears aura

ammolite –
can provide one with insight and protection, gives stability and transforms negativity

ammonite –
protection, stability, survival instincts, good for construction workers

andalusite –
knowledge from spiritual planes, stimulates memory, learn about your character

angelite –
symbol of love and peace, communication with angels and mankind, dispels anger

apatite –
dissolves negativity, healing, develops psychic abilities, inner peace

aquamarine –
courage, intellect, responsibility, tolerance, connects you to your higher self

aragonite –
centering, patience, practicality, reliability

aventurine –
good luck, money luck, self esteem, betters perception and decisiveness

bloodstone –
confidence, courage, strength, grounding, centering, good attitude

blue lace agate –
dreamy feeling, calm, helps you reach high spiritual places

blue calcite –
amplifies energy, balances emotions, removes emotional blocks

botswana agate –
creativity, positive attitude, releases repressed emotions

carnelian –
increases physical energy, creativity, compassion, self-confidence

charoite –
spiritual, enhances visions, helps transformation, brings unconditional love, tolerance

chrysocolla –
increases tolerance, and capacity to love, rebuilds relationships, helps stress

chrysoprase –
be more loving, compassionate, forgiving, accepting; attracts abundance

citrine –
self-esteem, problem solving, financial abundance

copper –
stimulates initiative, optimism, independence

coral –
intuition, imagination, visualization, peace, connects planes

crazy lace agate –
inter-generational stone; helps one generation understand another aids insomnia

dendritic agate –
very powerful healing stone, good for stress and abundance

dendritic limestone –
the properties of manganese; powerful healing mineral

dinosaur bone –
knowledge, insight, communication, enhances adventuresome spirit

dolomite –
charity, relieves sorrow

E-H | Stone Metaphysical Properties
emerald –
domestic bliss, sensitivity, loyalty, harmony, helps memory and intellect; assists you on your proper path

fluorite –
increases concentration, and mental achievement, brings order to chaos, good for math tests and school work

garnet –
promotes creativity, productivity, prosperity, awareness, and manifestation

golden topaz –
peace, faith, creativity,visualization, communication

goldstone –
helps raise your frequency, gives you a “buzzy” energy

goldstone, blue –
calming, relieves stress, gives endurance, sustaining energy

hematite –
calming, grounding,enhances mental attunement, protection from others’ emotions

hemimorphite –
self-esteem, decreases ego, brings luck, charm, growth, practicality

herkimer diamond –
good for meditating, manifesting, psychic abilities, releases tension

howlite –
dispels selfishness, rudeness, and all negative behavior

I-L | Stone Metaphysical Properties
jade –
provides wisdom, self-confidence, tranquillity, peace, and acceptance

labradorite –
helps improve psychic abilities, protects aura, gives strength, “inner sight”

lapis lazuli –
aids depression, enhances serenity, connects physical and celestial planes

larimar –
helps you understand yourself, frees you from materialistic bonds, and brings customers to salespersons

larvikite –
is a protective and grounding stone, both cleansing to the subtle bodies and facilitating a strong connection to Earth energies.

leopard skin jasper –
very grounding, and healing for heavy emotional issues

lepidolite –
reduces stress, brings hope,self-love, diplomacy; good for business

limestone –
enhances healing properties, very grounding and centering, brings you positive thoughts and reminds us of our innocence



M-P | Stone Metaphysical Properties

malachite –
releases negativity, stimulates intuition, instinct, loyalty, responsibility, protection

manganese –
powerful healing mineral

marble –
very focused, common sense, self control, helps manifest, protection

meteorite –
communication, strength, endurance, access to energy of other worlds

moldavite –
transformation, interdimensional connections, access to higher planes

montana agate –
montana agate will not only protect you from all kinds of harm. It will also infuse you with strong and calming energies that will restore the balance in your life.

moonstone –
visionary, enhances perception, intuition, gives guidance, protects travelers

obsidian –
shows you your flaws; grounding, healing, shields you from negativity

onyx –
centering, banishes grief, brings wisdom, and good fortune

opal –
inspiration, imagination, mysticism, visionary, intuition, happy dreams, helps memory

pearl –
faith, charity, integrity, focus, spiritual guidance

peridot –
brings enlightenment, acceptance, helps you understand yourself better

petrified wood –
strength, support, grounding, eases worry over little things

pyrite –
shields you from negativity

Q-U | Stone Metaphysical Properties
quartz crystal –
most powerful of all stones; will magnify properties of any stone it touches, harmonizes with universal energies,purifies atmosphere, brings mental clarity

rainbow obsidian –
brings light, love, and joy to your life

red jasper –
nurturing, protective, grounded to earth, eliminates negativity, calming

rhodochrosite –
good for memory, balancing, relaxing, accepting

rhodonite –
patience, dignity, love, brotherhood, dispels anxiety

rose quartz –
stone of all forms of love and relationships, friendship, self-love, clarifies emotions, nurturing

rhyolite –
change and variety, creativity, self-realization

ruby –
loving emotions, nurturing, nobility, wisdom, health and wealth

rutilated quartz –
repels negative energy, stabilizes relationships, helps manifesting

sapphire –
stone of prosperity,brings joy, peace, and intuition, can help eliminate frustration and unwanted thoughts

smoky quartz –
transforms negative emotions, very balancing, aids depression

sodalite –
brings logic, efficiency, self-esteem, creativity, decisiveness

staurolite –
good luck talisman, protection, connects all planes, relieves stress, eliminates depression and addictive behavior

sugilite –
brings information from spiritual plane, eliminates anger, jealousy, and all negative attributes, relaxing, good for channeling

tanzanite –
psychic power, protection, magic, manifesting

thunderegg agate –
It promotes self-acceptance and confidence, encouraging the speaking of one’s own truth, overcomes negativity and bitterness of the heart, by healing anger, fostering love, and lending the courage to start over. It is useful for any kind of trauma.

tiger eye –
flexibility, patience, courage, strength, stability, helps manifest

tiger iron –
enhances creative and artistic abilities brings vitality

turquoise –
unconditional love for all beings, a bridge between heaven and earth; brings wisdom

tourmaline, black –
repels negativity, gives protection, stabilizes emotions

tourmaline, watermelon –
brings cooperation, tact, helps you enjoy life

turritella –
fosters communication with plant and mineral world


W-Z | Stone Metaphysical Properties

variscite –
calming, brings peace and love

Caring For Your Purchase

Swimwear Care
Machine wash or hand wash cold, inside-out, gentle cycle with mild detergent and similar colors. Use non-chlorine bleach, only when necessary. No fabric softeners. Tumble dry low, or hang-dry for longest life.


Clothing Care
Machine wash cold, inside-out, gentle cycle with mild detergent and similar colors. Use non-chlorine bleach, only when necessary. No fabric softeners. Tumble dry low, or hang-dry for longest life. Cool iron inside-out if necessary. Do not iron decoration. Do not dry clean.

Sublimation apparel can be washed at any temperature setting without affecting quality. But we recommend washing with like colors, as the polyester fabric may make colors run. High temperatures during washing and drying may shrink the fabric.

Be wary of washing and drying on a high setting, especially when the garment is 100% cotton. High-temperature washes can fade and crack the print, and a high-temperature dryer settings can shrink the garment, as well as damage the print. 


Jewelry Care
Use a soft brush or polishing cloth to gently clean and buff your jewelry.

DO NOT use ultrasonic cleaners, and limit the use of commercially prepared chemical cleaning solutions.

DO NOT wear in shower or pool. I recommend wearing as little as possible in the ocean. Salt from the water can penetrate very small fractures in stones and cause cracking over time.

DO NOT wear while sleeping or working out.

Wear Responsibly – wearing more than one piece at a time is not recommended.

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